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Florida Has Designated June as Responsible Fatherhood Month

Fathers contribute to their children’s safety and stability, and there is a direct link between positive father involvement and child well-being, yet more than one in four children in the US live without an active father in their home.   

Florida has designated June as Responsible Fatherhood Month — to recognize the importance of fathers in their children’s lives. 

Father First Initiative Image from Father First

In October 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis announced the launch of a statewide community network and the Father First website as part of Florida’s fatherhood initiative.

To support fathers, this statewide and community-driven initiative is empowering fathers to embrace the unique roles they play in their children’s lives. The initiative is providing significant opportunities, free resources, encouragement, and connection in our communities — giving fathers and young men a path to learn, grow, and push toward being a better father every day.  

“As a father of three, I am proud of our state for supporting measures that highlight the importance of fatherhood and the nuclear family,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “With a fatherhood crisis in our nation, Florida’s Father First initiative will support families and ensure that more children in our state have a father figure present in their lives. It is imperative that fathers understand the important role they play in their children’s lives.”

Governor Ron DeSantis

Father First is a connected network of organizations that provide resources to dads and at-risk male students in communities throughout Florida. Through historic legislation signed in 2022, the Florida Legislature appropriated over $68.9 million to support responsible fatherhood.

Father First Initiative Image from Father First

The goal is to challenge, encourage, equip, and empower dads and organizations focused on dads.  In doing so, they’ll be improving the lives of Florida’s children, so they can enjoy life more today and mature into healthy parents themselves, creating a new generation of healthy Florida families.

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