A Parent’s Guide to SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek Coaster

Buckle up for a frosty family adventure! SeaWorld Orlando is unveiling its newest attraction, Penguin Trek, a thrilling family coaster that is set to open on July 7th. This one-of-a-kind ride will whisk you on an icy expedition through Antarctica on snowmobile-themed vehicles. So get ready for exhilarating twists, turns, and close calls, all culminating in a truly unique finale: an up-close encounter with real penguins! With a height requirement of just 42 inches, Penguin Trek promises an unforgettable experience for adventurers of all ages.

A family launch coaster, Penguin Trek is located within the all-new Antarctica Realm. This immersive area promises the adventure of a lifetime, combining thrilling rides, delectable dining, and unforgettable wildlife encounters.

SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek Habitat Image by Meghan Roth

By the way, this summer offers a lot of cool things happening in Orlando’s theme parks like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom, and the all new DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida.

What to Expect on Penguin Trek

Penguin Trek redefines the family coaster experience with its innovative design and exhilarating adventure. An experience for the whole family, the ride accommodates everyone from the young adventurer at 42-inches to the tall thrill-seeker up to 77-inches. Celebrated as the Coaster Capital of Orlando, it is exciting to see this family-friendly coaster finally coming to life.

SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek Queue Image by Meghan Roth

If you need a break from the Florida heat, you will enjoy waiting in the air-conditioned queue lines for this ride. Riders will board unique snowmobile-styled ride cars, embarking on a thrilling expedition through the vast and icy wilderness of Antarctica.

With two powerful launches and speeds reaching up to 43 mph, the 3,020-foot track winds through both indoor and outdoor environments, presenting a series of twists, turns, and breathtaking moments. This coaster is exciting while being perfect for the whole family. While the coaster doesn’t have any full inversions, there are a couple of “almost” upside-down moments along the way.

SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek Image by Meghan Roth

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But the true highlight awaits at the end of the journey: upon disembarking the ride, guests will find themselves immersed in the chilly confines of the extraordinary and unique penguin habitat. This finale not only thrills but also educates, underscoring SeaWorld’s commitment to animal care and conservation.

“We are incredibly excited to unveil our newest addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s outstanding coaster lineup. Penguin Trek offers a unique blend of thrills and education, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the wonders of Antarctica while highlighting our dedication to wildlife preservation and family-friendly fun. We’re looking forward to welcoming families and thrill seekers alike to experience the fun of this incredible coaster.”

Jon Peterson, President of SeaWorld Orlando

Starting July 2, SeaWorld Orlando Pass Members will have exclusive access to Penguin Trek with special ride times. This benefit allows them to be among the first to experience the ride, adding another fantastic perk to their membership. Those who purchase a pass before then will receive the same benefits, allowing them to take advantage of this early access.

What to Expect in the All-New Antarctica Realm

The new Antarctica Realm, home to the new Penguin Trek, is a must-visit destination within SeaWorld Orlando, offering a cool and captivating experience for guests of all ages. Guests can cool off at South Pole Sips, the latest addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s vibrant bar scene, offering ice-cold drinks.

Expedition Cafe and South Pole Sips Image by Meghan Roth

The beloved Expedition Café has also reopened within the Antarctica Realm, boasting a new diverse menu that caters to every palate, from healthy grab-and-go options to delectable dishes inspired by Italian and Asian cuisines.

Plus, guests can cool off and enjoy up-close encounters with penguins in the expansive penguin habitat, making Antarctica a must-visit destination for guests of all ages.

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SeaWorld Orlando’s commitment to providing diverse thrills for all family members is evident in Penguin Trek’s unique indoor/outdoor coaster experience.

SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek Coaster Image by Meghan Roth

This latest addition to the coaster family promises to be another crowning jewel in a park already celebrated for its coaster excellence. Penguin Trek is poised to continue SeaWorld Orlando’s legacy of pushing the boundaries of coaster innovation for the whole family.

Besides this exciting addition, we love to splash around at SeaWorld’s water park Aquatica or experience breathtaking moments at Discovery Cove. There’s lots to enjoy!

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