The Acre Orlando with Kids: A Relaxing Family-Friendly Restaurant

Stop spending Friday night at the playground. Orlando’s coolest new spot for evening fun blends your favorite wedding reception romance vibes with the chaos of an adult playground – and did I mention, it’s kid friendly? Haven’t been to the new College Park hangout “The Acre” yet? We went recently and it’s a great place to bring the kids but still feel like an adult. Below we share our experience and what to expect at The Acre Orlando.

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What To Expect at The Acre

My family, with my four year old daughter in tow, peeked through hedgerows, hopped to look over the fence line and searched for an entry into this buzzy new spot in the College Park neighborhood one night after dinner.

We weren’t sure what to expect. We’d seen photos and reels on Instagram from their soft opening and knew it was open to all, but what would we see when we showed up?

The Acre Orlando Restaurant image by Dani Meyering

We eventually found the entrance in their parking lot (one of two entrances), and what was revealed was nothing short of a fairytale.

The Vibe – Is It Kid Friendly?

Being a former wedding and event venue, charm spills from every corridor you see. Upon entry, it’s a bit of an assault on the senses. Twinkle lights hang from tree branches, kids run past in glee, parents tap their toes to live music, and across the way others were enjoying an outdoor movie projecting Disney’s original “Beauty and the Beast”. 

Image of people watching a family movie at The Acre Orlando
The Acre Orlando Movie Image by Maria DiCicco

Multiple buildings dot the space, like a converted barn, another a converted garage, even an old camper – all renovated into chic drinking spaces, some with games and pool tables, others with pinball machines, bars and a kitchen.

Several open fire pits also spread across the large lawn with ample seating and even marshmallow kits for making s’mores!

folding chairs around The Acre firepit and movie screen
The Acre firepit and movie screen image by Dani Meyering

I, myself, felt like a kid at Monkey Joe’s – I didn’t know where to turn my attention to. Where would I go first? Would I sit by the fire? Grab a craft cocktail? 

My advice is to do it all, but plan to divide and conquer with friends. It was near impossible to keep one parent watching over my daughter by the projector screen, while another waited in line for gin and vodka drinks, and our third party who went to the beer and whiskey line. The more people you bring, the more relaxed the experience will be, because there is a LOT going on! 

Image of a woman ordering a drink from the tequila bar truck at The Acre Orlando
The Acre Orlando Tequila Truck Image by Maria DiCicco

There was a good mixture of young adults taking Instagram photos of their drinks and families looking to relax, while at the same time I saw adults my parent’s age wandering the romantic plot of land, a place truly inviting for all. 

Entertainment for Kids at The Acre

Lawn games are scattered all over the place, like horseshoes, cornhole, and a couple of playground equipment pieces like a merry go round. There’s a tree swing by the entrance and of course, all the space to run and play.

Image of kids on a swing at night at The Acre Orlando
The Acre Orlando at Night Image by Maria DiCicco

Kids can camp out under the stars with a film and some melty marshmallow goodness, or nibble on some pizzas (flatbreads, really) from the kitchen. 

I also noticed that picnicking is encouraged, so bring along your kiddo’s favorites and do The Acre a favor by purchasing some adult beverages. 

Expect to wait in lines as it gets later in the evening, especially on a weekend night (we went on a Friday), and be patient with the staff – many are still learning the drink recipes.

If you wanted live music, they had it – and it was good too. A rockin’ violinist playing jam band style tunes bent the airwaves for hours, picnic tables filled with happy faces just looking to nosh on some yums from their kitchen, and whole families sprawled out on the grass looking so at ease with the world. 

Image of a man playing guitar at The Acre Orlando
The Acre Orlando Performer Image by Maria DiCicco

In a word, The Acre is relaxing. A simple notion for a night out, to relax in the open air with just about everything you could want at your disposal. And the kids, well, everywhere you looked they were having a blast.

Logistics and Parking

It is important to be aware of the parking situation at The Acre, because on my visit I witnessed several cars being towed from the adjacent parking lot at Kelly’s Hair Salon. We parked along the narrow lane between The Acre’s fencing and the salon lot, but it was tight and there was no signage indicating whether it would be ok. 

To be safe, either take the family in an Uber, get dropped off, or park in the dedicated lot just before you see The Acre entry sign.

If You Go

Open 5pm-Midnight Wednesdays-Saturdays, 11am-8pm Sundays, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Located at 4421 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804 

No reservation or entry fees are required.

For a full, detailed introduction to the Acre, including menus and activities, check out our sister post at Orlando Date Night Guide or visit The Acre website directly.

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