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NEW Parade, Nighttime Show, Dream Works Land and MORE Coming to Universal Orlando This Summer 2024

For an exciting family vacation Universal Orlando is pumping up the volume this summer. As local Orlando parents, many of us are already excited about the upcoming opening of Dream Works Land later this summer. So imagine our excitement when we learned that a new parade, show, and other new experiences are debuting on June 14, 2024!

Best of all, these new summer experiences at Universal Orlando are packed with nostalgia that us parents are way too excited about. Let’s dive in!

Coming to Universal Orlando This Summer

New Parade – MEGA MOVIE

Get ready for the MEGA MOVIE parade debuting on July 3 at Universal Orlando. It sounds awesome!!

Parents are going to love the nostalgia, while kids will have plenty to love about their favorites too!

The new parade will feature 16-foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man atop the Ghostbusters float, a Trolls float, a live marching drum line perform the iconic movie score of Jaws alongside a float themed to the film, and – for the epic finale – a Gyrosphere, Raptors and the T-Rex!

The schedule for the new MEGA MOVIE parade is not available just yet – stay tuned!

Universal Mega Movie Parade Logo which debuts summer 2024
Universal Mega Movie Parade Logo Summer 2024

Nighttime Lagoon Show and Fireworks

The biggest and brightest nighttime spectacular ever at Universal Studios Florida debuts on June 14. The show will feature Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, Jurassic World, Jaws, Shrek, Ghostbusters, Trolls, Back to the Future, Universal Monsters, Transformers, How to Train Your Dragon, E.T., Fast and Furious, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Minions, The Mummy and King Kong.

What an epic lineup! The use of drones in this nighttime show will make it incredible! Plus water effects, lighting, projections, fireworks, and a soaring soundtrack – it’s going to be gorgeous!

And over at Universal Islands of Adventure fans of Harry Potter will be happy to know that

Hogwarts Always a new projection show debuts on June 14! The Universal Orlando website describes it as: “Enjoy a journey through iconic moments of a year at the beloved school of witchcraft and wizardry, all set against the majestic background of Hogwarts castle in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade. On select nights.”

Hogwarts Always Nighttime Fireworks Universal Orlando 2024
Hogwarts Always Nighttime Fireworks

The schedule for the new nighttime shows is not available just yet – stay tuned!

Dream Works Land

Last but not least, later this summer families are going to have a blast at the new Dream Works Land. This kid-friendly area is reworked from the former Kids Zone. Gone are our old pals Curious George, Barney, Woody Woodpecker, and Fievel. Instead Shrek, Gabby of Gabby’s Dollhouse, and pals from the movies “Trolls” and “Kung Fu Panda” are moving in!

DreamWorks Land Graphic With Poppy Troll Shrek and Po Kung Fu Panda

All this new summer fun coming to Universal Orlando is on top of the still relatively new Minion Land we fell in love with last summer with its creative food and fun new attraction. We’ll be visiting Universal Orlando soon to witness the new parade, show, and other new experiences – stay tuned for updates!

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