Top 10 Best Restaurants at Disney Springs for Kids

Although there are many kid-friendly restaurants at Walt Disney World, there are plenty at Disney Springs that shouldn’t be missed. To ensure you are up-to-date about these hot spots, we put together a list of the top 10 best restaurants for kids at Disney Springs

We’re sharing information about both table-service restaurants (these typically require reservations) and quick-service restaurants where you can enjoy a bite to eat with your little ones. 

From a restaurant filled with chicken to one filled with dinosaurs, Disney Springs has offerings for children of all ages. 

Kid Friendly Disney Springs Restaurants

  • T-Rex
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Splitsville
  • Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar
  • Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant
  • Terralina Crafted Italian
  • Chicken Guy!
  • D-Luxe Burger
  • Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew
  • Salt and Straw Ice Cream

Table Service Restaurants

1. T-Rex

  • Location: Marketplace at Disney Springs
  • Age group: 5 years and up 
  • Menu highlights: Sly’s Sliders (kids meal) ($10.99,) Dexter Corn Dogs (kids meal) ($10.99), Prehistoric Pasta with Chicken ($27.99)

If your travel party consists of little ones or even teenagers who are dinosaur lovers, you can’t go wrong with a meal at T-REX located in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs. You’ll be surrounded by dinosaur statues and sounds while you enjoy some delicious food. Kids’ entrées include Sly’s Sliders ($10.99) and Dexter Corn Dogs ($10.99).

T-REX is one of the more themed restaurants at Disney Springs catered towards children and families and is filled with plenty of spots to snap photos.

Image Credit T Rex Cafe

2. Rainforest Cafe

  • Location: Marketplace at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: Shrimpkens™ (kids meal) ($10.99), Python Pasta (kids meal) ($10.99), Rainforest Burger ($19.99)

Dine in the jungle (not literally) at Rainforest Cafe in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs. This restaurant provides a themed experience without having to pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to one of Disney World’s theme parks.

Rainforest Cafe is a restaurant you don’t want to miss, especially if young travelers are in your party. If you’re considering dining here for dinner, the Shrimpkens™ ($10.99) and Python Pasta ($10.99) are wonderful options for kids. The restaurant also has several characters kids can learn about during the immersive dining experience. 

3. Planet Hollywood

  • Location: Town Center at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: Chicken Fingers (kids meal) ($9.99), macaroni & cheese (kids meal) ($9.99) 

Treat the kids in your party like the stars they are with a meal at Planet Hollywood. Plus, its menu is filled with kid-friendly favorites including chicken fingers ($9.99) and macaroni & cheese ($9.99).

After you finish your meal, you can spend time exploring and looking at the Hollywood-inspired memorabilia found on all four of the restaurant’s floors. The kids will love looking at everything, and you’ll love showing them props from movies you watched when you were a kid.

Image Credit Planet Hollywood

4. Splitsville Dining Room

  • Location: West Side at Disney Springs
  • Age group: 5 and up
  • Menu highlights: Grilled cheese sandwich (kids meal) ($8), hot dog (kids meal) ($8), chicken fried rice ($24)

Head over to the West Side with the kiddos for a game of bowling and some food. We recommend reserving your lane in advance so you can spend more time playing and less time waiting. Depending on the time of day you visit, you may even catch some live music. If you just want to eat, you can do that, too at the Splitsville Dining Room.

With kids’ meals including a grilled cheese sandwich ($8) and a hot dog ($8), you can rest assured that your little ones will enjoy their food. This is a great restaurant to frequent, especially on those rainy days when you’re looking for an indoor activity to do with the kids.

 5. The Boathouse

  • Location: The Landing at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: Grilled salmon (kids meal) ($11), panko chicken tender (kids meal) ($11), macaroni & cheese (kids meal) ($11)

If you find yourself at The Landing in Disney Springs, it’s hard to miss The Boathouse. Although The Boathouse is a fine dining restaurant known for its seafood offerings, there are still many menu items for the little ones to enjoy including grilled salmon ($11), panko chicken tender ($11), and macaroni & cheese ($11).

We recommend requesting an outside table, especially if you’re dining around sunset so you can take in the restaurant’s beautiful views. If you want to surprise the little ones, you can schedule an amphicar tour after your meal. 

Image Credit The Boathouse

6. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

  • Location: The Landing at Disney Springs
  • Age group: 6 years and up
  • Menu highlights: Diving Bell ($5), Antidote ($4.50), Margherita flatbread ($9)

If you have some little explorers in your travel party, consider making Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar one of your dining destinations when visiting Disney Springs. If you opt for an outside table, you’ll have a fantastic view of the water and may even see some amphicars pass by.

Although the adults have the option to enjoy a plethora of beer flights and adventurous spirits, there are many non-alcoholic drinks for the kids so they can still be part of the experience. The Diving Bell ($5) and Antidote ($4.50) are two of the more kid-friendly non-alcoholic beverages available.

7. Raglan Road

  • Location: The Landing at Disney Springs
  • Age group: all ages
  • Menu highlights:  Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding ($12), The Risotto Nua ($27), Shepherd’s to Die for Pie ($27.50)

Dinner and a show is exactly what you’ll get when dining at Raglan Road. Filled with live musicians playing Irish music and dancers performing traditional step dances, you can rest assured that you (and any kids in your party) will be entertained from the moment you take a seat at your table to the moment you leave.

Not only is the restaurant’s ambiance amazing, but the food is, too. The Risotto Nua ($27) and the Shepherd’s to Die for Pie ($27.50) are two of the many flavorful offerings on the menu. The kids will especially love the Gold’n Chicken ($9) and macaroni & cheese ($10). Make sure to save some room towards the end of your meal to try Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding ($12) which is a fan-favorite dessert. 

Pro tip: Request a table in the main dining room, so you and the little ones will have a good view of the stage. If the kids you’re traveling with are sensitive to loud sounds, we recommend bringing a pair of earplugs as the dancing shoes can get quite loud.

8. Terralina Crafted Italian

  • Location: The Landing at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: chicken parmesan sandwich ($21), Terralina penne Alfredo ($29), spaghetti with tomato sauce (kids meal) ($8)

From wood-oven-fired pizza to delicious pasta dishes, Terralina Crafted Italian is a restaurant that was designed with the whole family in mind. The chicken parmesan sandwich ($21) is a favorite and served with housemade truffle potato chips.

The kids will especially love the spaghetti with tomato sauce ($8) and looking at the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. We think you will enjoy taking a look at the kitchen action, too.

Quick Service Restaurants / Eateries

9. Chicken Guy!

  • Location: Town Center at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ sandwich ($7.99), five tender combo ($13.49)

If you’re traveling with kids who love all things chicken, Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs’ Town Center is the place to go. From chicken tenders to chicken sandwiches, this quick-service restaurant has plenty of options for both kid and adult diners.

The kids’ menu includes two tenders (4.99), Mac Daddy Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($4.99), and grilled cheese ($4.99). Plus, there are more than 20 house-made dipping sauces including the Special Sauce and Peri Peri you can choose from to complement your chicken. End your meal on a sweet note with one of the restaurant’s “Flavortown Shakes.”

Image Credit Chicken Guy

10. D-Luxe Burger

  • Location: Town Center at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: seasonal burgers and gelato shakes

The food at D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs is a bit pricey. Most burgers are in the $11 – $13 range, and fries are a separate cost. However, the quality is there, and the central location in Disney Springs is convenient.

Perhaps the most kid-friendly feature is that you can mobile order here. So while you’re on your way to Disney Springs or waiting in line elsewhere you can order ahead on your phone. Picking up your mobile order is easy and D-Luxe Burger has some lovely outdoor seating if the weather is nice.

Bonus idea: Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

  • Location: West Side at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: Brooklyn Blackout ($5.75), The Donut Burger ($13), The Funky Chicken ($13)

Treat your kids to a donut from Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew. You can find this eatery at the West Side of Disney Springs. Whether you prefer yeast or cake donuts, Everglazed has an option for you and your little ones. If you are traveling with a child who likes to keep things simple, you can opt for the vanilla iced with sprinkles ($4.75).

However, there are many picks for more adventurous snackers including the S’mores Galore ($5.75) and the Brooklyn Blackout ($5.75). If you’re looking for something more savory, Everglazed also has sandwiches available including The Donut Burger ($13) and The Funky Chicken ($13). We recommend enjoying your donuts at a table outside as there’s often fun music playing.  

Bonus idea: Salt and Straw Ice Cream

  • Location: West Side at Disney Springs
  • Age group: All ages
  • Menu highlights: Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Arbequina Olive Oil, Chocolate Gooey Brownie

If you have a little ice cream lover on your hands, you shouldn’t skip Salt and Straw. Since this ice cream shop offers more elevated flavors including Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Arbequina Olive Oil, and Chocolate Gooey Brownie, you can sample a bunch of flavors which is a fun activity to do with the little ones.

If they end up really liking one of the flavors, you can buy a kid’s scoop ($5.75).

Image credit Salt and Straw

Featured image: Rainforest Cafe


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