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Easy Outdoor Playgrounds for Toddlers and Tot Lots in Orlando to Visit Right Now

Oh joys of chasing a toddler around a playground and keeping them away from the big tall slides and structures that are way too high up. Few things are more exhausting right? When you need some outdoor playtime with your tiny toddler, try out one of these playgrounds. As a local mom, with the toddler days not far behind me, I’ve gathered up the best playgrounds for toddlers in Orlando and the neighboring areas.

Thankfully there are lots of places for toddlers around town – have fun!

Toddler Playgrounds and Tot Lots in Orlando

Mayor Carl T. Langford Park

1808 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32803
Features: lots of shade and separate structures

Admittedly this park is a little long in the tooth. But, for a playground that’s in the heart of Orlando with play structures just for toddlers, it tops our list! There are two separate playgrounds at Langford Park – which is great if your toddler is your sole focus. It can be tough if you have older kids along with you.

Langford Park in Orlando Toddler Playground - image by Dani Meyering
Langford Park in Orlando image by Dani Meyering

The shade here is plentiful and this park is perfect for a stroll. There is even a small suspension bridge!

Cypress Grove Park

290 Holden Ave, Orlando, FL 32839
Features: Beautiful setting, shade

Cypress Grove Park is one of the largest parks in the Orlando area. While the toddler playground is small, it is still wonderful to take your little one here. Before or after visiting the playground, take a stroll through the lovely grounds filled with flowers and cypress trees.

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

Capehart Park

715 Capehart Dr, Orlando, FL 32822
Features: shade, splash pad, and tot lot

A park in Orlando with a splash pad, shade, and structures for toddlers?! How perfect! Orlando families have loved Capehart Park for years and the playground equipment is relatively new.

The splash pad is one of the largest in the area and there is plenty of shade over the playgrounds.

The splash pad is CLOSED until further notice for repairs.

Maitland Community Park

1400 Mayo Ave, Maitland FL 32751
Features: separate Tot Lot away from large playground

As great as tot lots and small playgrounds can be for toddlers, if a massive playground is right next to them it can be exhausting. How can a toddler resist the fun of the big playground?

tot lot playground at maitland community park
Maitland Community Park image by Dani Meyering

Thankfully at Maitland Community Park the tot lot is away from the big shaded playground. And there are great restrooms, shady trees, and even snacks available for purchase all right there!

Maitland Community Park saw my son and me during his toddler days and we continue to visit now that he is elementary school age.

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

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Nearby Toddler Playgrounds

Winter Park Community Playground

255 S Denning Dr, Winter Park, FL 32789
Features: shade, wooden structures, fenced in

You may need to wait just a few months for your teeny toddler to be okay at this playground since it is a little tall. But we love the Winter Park Community Park‘s playground because it is wooden and has walls all along the edges and walkways.

Plus there is a dual or tandem swing for you and your little one to swing together.

Winter Park Community Park Playground wooden structure Alayna Curry

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

Kewannee Park

1505 Kewannee Trail, Casselberry, FL 32730
Features: fenced in, separate toddler playground

Located on the edge of Casselberry, near Maitland, Kewannee Park is tucked in the middle of multiple neighborhoods. This is a great place to meet fellow families especially if you’re trying to find a location convenient for Seminole County and Orange County folks.

Kewannee Park in Casselberry Toddler Playground
Kewannee Park in Casselberry image by Dani Meyering

One of the things I love about this park is the dual swing. You can sit on the swing and place your toddler into the bucket and swing together. Plus, the toddler playground is fenced in and separate from the larger playground – though my son would still make attempts to wander over to the big structures.

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

Secret Lake Park

200 N Triplet Lake Dr, Casselberry, FL 32707
Features: separate toddler playground, beautiful setting

There are two playgrounds at Secret Lake Park in Casselberry. One of these playgrounds is built for toddlers, and it has shade! Plus you can walk along two nature trails to help your little one enjoy the great outdoors.

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

Secret Lake Park is the featured image of this blog post.

Phelps Park

1206 N Phelps Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Features: fenced in, shade

This Winter Park neighborhood park is large, shaded, and different than many other Orlando playgrounds. Two wooden style playgrounds looks whimsical and welcoming.

One playground at Phelps Park is meant for older kids, and it is towards the back of the park. Near the entrance to the park your toddler will love the multiple playsets for little ones.

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

Lake Monroe Park

975 S Charles Richard Beall Blvd, DeBary, FL 32713
Features: toddler playground is the only playground here

This small park is often overlooked, but if you’re in Seminole County or West Volusia County, it’s worth a visit. Lake Monroe Park only has one playground – and it’s just for toddlers.

When my son was a toddler this park became a go-to destination for us when I wanted an easy-going park. Any parent who has brought a toddler to a playground know the annoyance of there being a large playground for big kids right next to the one for toddlers – because your toddler will absolutely head for the playground that’s too big for them.

beige and green small Lake Monroe Park Playground
Lake Monroe Park Playground Dani Meyering

Since the only playground at Lake Monroe Park is for toddlers I always felt a sense of relief being here.

Restrooms and picnic pavilions are available.

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